Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why Senator Obama will never be President

Chicgaodudewhotrades keeps the hits coming with this one about why Senator Obama will never be President.

I don't think Obama will be elected president in 2008. In fact, I don't think he will ever be president. I will even go so far to say he will probably only be a 1-term Senator and then lose re-election.

Why do I think this? My reasons are long and varied. But it comes down to the simple fact that the more I learn about him, the less I like him. I have come to regret voting for him in November 2004. Why did I vote for him in the first place? He was running against Alan Keyes. Keyes is a good man, but the only thing he ever talked about during the campaign was abortion. Abortion is a important issue, but being a Senator involves more than abortion issues.

Let me start by talking about the man himself. His supporters say he is smart. Yes, when he gives a prepared speech he can speak quite well. However, when he makes off-the-cuff statements he doesnt do as well. I think when the debates happen, Sen. McCain will roll over him. This is probably why Sen. Obama has gone from wanting debates to seeming to dodge them. When Obama bombs in the debates, even this country's liberal media won't be able to successfully spin it for him (expect to hear plenty of "he had a headache/he was sick/ he was tired" type spin). When the American people see this, they will spot a empty suit begin to realize he isn't ready for the White House.

Here are a few more questions I have about Sen. Obama:

* He was President of the Harvard Law Review (HLR), but can he or anybody point to a single accomplishement of his while he was President of the HLR?

* Have his grades at Harvard ever been released? How about any important papers he wrote when he attended there?

* When he worked in a law firm, did he handle any important litigation or cases?

* What accomplishments can he point to as a Chicago community organizer?


Let us take a minute to look at Sen. Obama's friends. His friends and big supporters are some unrepentant terrorists and a racist anti-American preacher. Enough said.


I take Michelle Obama at her word when she says she hasn't been proud of America until her husband ran for office. I think those represent her true feelings for the USA. It would be interesting to learn if Michelle recommended Trinity United to her husband, or if the church was recommended to the Obamas by others. If she recommended the church it woulld speak volumes about her and her beliefs.

Is Obama's family in Kenya Muslim? Raila Odinga (who says Barack is a cousin) the current Prime Minister of Keyna wants to bring Sharia to Kenya. I have some personal problems with Islam, I think Islam is imcompatabile with modernity. If Obama is a true 'progressive' as he claims, then why hasn't he ever called out his cousin on this?


Folks, I think the Democrats have some serious problems. I think the Dem convention will be a mess. First of all, the convention is short of money. Their kooky hard-left base will be protesting outside and making fools of themselves and the Dems. Seriously, when you have a group called 'recreate '68' coming to town, does anybody think anything good will happen?

Another thing to consider is the fact that technically, Obama is not the offiical Dem party candidate yet. That won't happen until the voting actaully happens on the convention floor. Hillary Clinton only stopped her campaign, she didn't concede or turn her delegates over to Obama. It is a slight chance, but I think she will go Brutus on Obama and pull a fast one against him.

Even if he is the Dem nominee after Denver, I think there are enough upset Hillary supporters who will sit on their hands (or even vote for Sen McCain) on Election Day


Does he have a single position today that was the same on January 1 2008? Okay, I'm being sarcastic, but not by much. He has flip-floped on Iraq, FISA, federal campaign money, just to name a couple. Plus, I think his and the Dem's 'no drilling for oil, at anytime, anywhere' is going to kill them both in November.


I think race-hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Rev. Wright will secretly work against Sen. Obama. Why? Kinda hard for them to make a living race-hustling when a African-American is living at 1600 Pennslyvania Ave. Plus I think there is some resentment of Obama by both Jackson and Sharpton. Obama has had more poliitical success in the last few years then they have had combined over their lifetimes. That has got to hurt deep down. I also don't think they like their positions of leadership in the African-American community being taken over by Obama.


I think some of the shine is coming off Sen. Obama among even his base. I think they are beginning to realize he is just a politician and not somebody special like he claims to be. He was the anti-war candidate, now that he is trying to back-track on that, and also FISA, in a effort to seem centrist, his base is getting upset with him. Also I don't expect the much talked about 'youth' vote that always gets hyped very four years to you know, actually VOTE for him. They will be busy on election day and not bother to go to the polling place and pull the lever. think I'm joking? Remember 'Obama Girl'? She was the internet video sensation that sang songs about Obama, but on Primary Day in NY/NJ did she vote for him? Nope, she was too busy clubbing that day.

To wrap it up, There are multiple reasons why I think Sen. Obama will not be the next President of the United States of America. Feel free to argue/comment/etc. with me about this. I can be reached at