Friday, November 30, 2007

Big Nut Hog Plays Race Card

William Beavers is watching his attempts to grab $880 million from Cook County taxpayers' pockets is taking a turn for the worse, and as a result, the self-titled "Big Nut Hog" claims that anyone who votes against the Toddler's proposed "Robin Hood" plan (as in robbin' from all and giving to the crooks) must therefore be a racist.

Well, Mr. Beavers, I say YOU are the racist here, Mr. Big Nut Hog. The "Hog" part aptly describes you. Knock it off with the race card as there are both Blacks and White, as well as Latinos and others who don;t want to pay for your "Family and Friends" program.

Sorry for the lack of posting. It was quiet over the Thanksgiving holiday, and then I got busy.

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